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One simple word could change your world…. Freedom!

Seriously, just imagine having freedom from limiting beliefs that have dampened your financial success; leaving you feeling anxious, stressed or unable to experience the life you truly want. If you are sick and tired of living a limited life, if you’re  willing to play at your very best, and maintain a 100% commitment to win, then step up to the plate! We’re here to help you hit a home run, or even a grand slam!

Retire with Abundance exists for one single purpose and that is to help people live a better life.

We want to develop a world-wide team of self-motivated individuals who seriously desire the freedom that success can bring. We know from experience that personal development is one of the most important factors in creating the successful life you desire. So personal development and on-going individualized mentoring are included in the program.

Our most valued asset at Retire With Abundance is our members.

Retired With Abundance members are people from all over the world who are just like you in many ways. Our passion is to provide them the most result-producing personal development programs and training, and award them with the most powerful income-producing opportunity in the marketplace today.

We believe in you!

We know you have what it takes to be successful. It may just be buried deep inside waiting to be ignited. At Retired With Abundance we believe in your potential. If you desire more out of life, we’ll show you how to take advantage of the hottest, fastest growing trend in history: personal development.

You are definitely at the right place at the right time.

If you’ve ever wanted a business opportunity and personal development programs that challenge you to become more than you are, those that give you the tools and techniques needed to blow the doors off your retirement life’s limitations, and one that leaves you with enough inspiration to last a lifetime… JOIN US!

Retire with Abundance has is one of the most comprehensive work from home opportunities designed around the many common priorities of retirement lifestyle.


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Introducing the Quanta concept
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  • The Strategic Alliance

    Retired with Abundance & Quanta

  • Watch Jim Britt's

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Retire with Abundances Strategic Alliance with Jim Britt

Jim Britt, World renowned personal development expert. (Jim Rohn's business partner and Tony Robbin's mentor for his first 5 years)
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Retire with Abundances Strategic Alliance with Jim Lutes

Jim Lutes World Renowned hypnosis expert considered a master of Neuro Linguistic Programming and world class Personal Development Expert
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Personal Development training at it's Best!

Jim Britt and Jim Lutes have put their life's work into your hands. You will be able to offer the best of the best in Personal Development training and materials.
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Retire with Abundance Tax benefits & 100% Commissions

As you already know your entire investment to become a member of Retire with Abundance is Tax deductible. Click the read more to learn why RWA offers such great potential as a means of generating income.

FREE access to Dori O'Neill Comprehensive Success community & Training Site with Special Bonus

As an active member of Retire with Abundance you'll be gain FREE access to our community RWA support site. The value of this material exceeds $149.97 per month its yours FREE
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Free access to Retire with abundance personal mentoring club value $299.00 per month

Dori O'Neill & Kasey Higbee are committed to your success. We will provide one on one coaching, exclusive invitation to the skype support and training calls. Your private invitation will be sent to you upon verification of your Quanta affiliate registration.

Time is the constant between all of our lives.

What does that mean? Well, regardless of who you are, where you were born or what you do you have 24 hours in any given day – no more or less.

Successful people know that mastering time is a crucial element of success. In fact our entire social economic system is based upon time leverage. When you look at any business people leverage time by hiring employees to do work for them in exchange for an agreed upon amount of money. Simple we know, but for an example, consider General Motors. They employ hundreds of thousands of people to do various tasks. Tasks like designing the car to installing a windshield on a production line. For the vast majority of people they work 8 hours a day and are paid an agreed amount of money for preforming a predetermined task. The Chief Executive Officer for GM has leveraged time by having hundreds of thousands of employee’s dedicating time towards the production of GM automobiles.

So what if you could get more of what you want and need out of each hour? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Retire with Abundance leverages time for you by a factor of 9 or more!

What?! Well, to understand how extraordinary the Retire With Abundance system is at leveraging time, we must look at the traditional work from home industry standards. In fact other companies can’t compete! Why? Retire With Abundance has a distinct advantage; our products are all digital. There are no physical products to ship and no need to store or manage an inventory. You want to retire in abundance to be able to indulge in your free time, messing around with shipping and handling and the time consuming task of inventory would be counter-productive. There is more too! Not only have we eliminated time consuming busy work the Retire With Abundance compensates you nine times more than the average cost-of-goods home-based business. Check it out…

Retire with Abundance vs other work from home opportunities

For the purpose of this explanation we will use competitive opportunities without naming names and assume that these companies sell “widgets.” We will also make the assumption that both opportunities have a Monthly requirement of $150. Of that $150*, $125 will be commission-able


Look at the factsRWA work from home opportunityOther work from home opportunities
Number of people to break even318
Money earned per month with 3 personally sponsored people @ $150.00 per month*$207.60$26.25
Profit / Loss with 3 people personally enrolled on auto-ship @ $150 per month+ $57.60- $123.75
Number of coded people required for you to earn..  $100,000 per year961,142


100 to $100,000 is time leverage at it’s best!

To create a residual income of $100,000 per year with Retire With Abundance you need to have 96 people coded to you that are purchasing $150.00 per month. With other programs based upon the standard industry commission of 7% you would have to have 1,142 people coded to you for the same annual income. Clearly is takes less time to enroll 96 people than it would to enroll 1,142 people! 

In the example above you’re able to earn $100,000 per year and you can do it by doing 1/12 the amount of work. Additionally, the Retire With Abundance system provides:

Do you agree that it requires less time and effort to enroll 96 people than it would to enroll 1,142 people?

Of course you do, it is common sense! The fact is the work from home opportunities offer excellent products. Ground breaking nutritional supplements, skin care lines and ground breaking weight loss products. The challenge is that relative to main stream retailers these products cost more than a comparative product cost at GNC, a cosmetic store or mainstream retail shops. In other words the mark up on most stay at home product lines can range from 100% – 400%, or more. For these other home-based business opportunities the high mark-up is necessary to cover their costs and provide just a small percent of compensation to their distributors. The net effect is that these product lines can be harder to sell as the average consumer want’s to pay less not more for a comparative product. The sales pitch is always “You can have your product for free by introducing others to the product.”  However, that does not negate the fact that the product is marked up 400% above other products and distributors still only see 7-10% commission for their work.

As explained, the Retire With Abundance system was designed to honor and protect the ideals of a retired lifestyle. Free time to do what you love doing, be with the people you love being with and enough money to be able to do so without worry about tomorrows bills. To do this we have ensured that:

Bottom line, there is no other opportunity like this…Retire With Abundance is second to none in meeting the needs of our quickly growing retirement population.


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